I am so proud of all of you – your commitment to finding new people for our faith is …. It warms my heart. We have grown tenfold in the last eight months. Expanded into other countries. Our message has spread digitally all over the world.

And all that sounds great.

And it is.

It’s an opportunity to do more, make a bigger impact.

But growth can be a distraction. It can distract us from the growth that really matters. The growth within. You know, sometimes we can lose our way. We can lose focus of what is at the core of our faith.

You see that is what I’m afraid is happening here with us right now. All of us.

So this is what I want you to share with everyone, okay? Our new decree. REFINEMENT. At the beginning of next week, each and every one of us, all of us, are going to extract something harmful from our lives and lay it before the light.

I’m not talking about giving up gin in favour of vodka. I’m asking you to dig deep. What is in your life that just doesn’t need to be? That should not be? It could be a thing, a habit, a relationship.

Look, you are all here because you are the ones that everyone here looks up to, okay? So I need you to get the word out. Lead by example.


Dig deep.

Because I am telling you, if we do this, the light will shine so bright that not a soul can deny it.

And all of those who are lost … will find their way back home.