Marie  Secretary General 
Alma Deputy Secretary General 
Francesca Conference Manager 
Olivia Deputy Conference Manager  
Alessio Financial Manager 
Erlina Deputy Financial Manager 
Inkeri Head of Administration Staff 
Megan Deputy Head of Administration Staff
Katriina  Head of Accommodation & Press 
Laura Deputy Head of Accommodation & Press
Saibh   Declamation Contest Organiser
EmmaDeputy Declamation Contest Organiser 
Levin Social Activities Manager
Eva Deputy Social Activities Manager
Hugo Chair Team Organiser 
Every committee member has an important specific individual role - but also ALL committee members are part of the TEAM and during the lifetime of this committee and this year's project, everyone should expect to be called on for other tasks beyond the role description to help ensure the overall success of their team. When the conference arrives, everyone is expected to help out by giving whatever support is needed by other committee members during the four days in managing the overall workload better.