Please read the following notes carefully before you complete the application form below.

  • This is a conference for students in the EU zone aged 14-18 
  • A full delegation consists of a minimum of 6 students (one for each of the five General Assembly Forums) and an additional student for the Conference of the Parties [COP] Committee on Climate Change) and a maximum of 8 students - additional places are on the Security Council, if one of the 15 countries in those forums is chosen (check the countries on these Councils here)
  • Please write your name, your school name and information about your school in the boxes below, including confirmation that you are a secondary school. This conference is for secondary school students only. 
  • Please provide contact details for you or your nominated contact person and for your school. 
  • Please indicate the number of delegations for your application - you can suggest countries and we will do our best to help you with this, but there is no guarantee you'll get those particular countries, so please be open about country assignments.  
  • If you would also like to apply for chairperson, deputy chairperson positions or media team places, please indicate the numbers (maximum two applications per school) - candidates for chairperson or deputy chairperson positions MUST have previous MUN delegate experience. 
  • Applications are CURRENTLY CLOSED. 
  • Conference fees will be a fee per student for each delegate and chairperson role - there will be no fee for teachers and no school fee. Every school must be accompanied by at least one teacher from that school. Once you have applied for the conference and your application has been accepted, you will be asked to pay the conference fees to secure your places.