• During the conference, students will be given the opportunity to enter a declamation contest.
  • The contest will be held during free time with three semi-finals planned, one for each of the first three days of the conference, followed by a final on the last day. 
  • A declamation speech is a re-giving of a past important or famous speech. You can choose a political speech, a graduation speech, a eulogy, a sermon, a speech from a film, a speech from literature or a famous speech of historical value.
  • Language must be appropriate for a formal setting. 
  • Time limit is three minutes. 
  • If the speech is longer than three minutes, you should choose a three minute excerpt. If you go over the time, it means instant disqualification, so you really need to be careful about time management. 
  • Presentation is an important aspect of declamation because your speech needs to be strong and full of passion and dramatic flair.  
  • When preparing your speech, increase dramatic impact by working out a plan for: (a) the words and phrases which need to be emphasized; (b) the moments where you need to raise or lower your voice; (c) changes in tone during the speech; (d) pauses, both long and short.
  • Declamation is where public speaking and drama meet - though you are making a speech, you should consider the speech as your script - there is no requirement for you to learn the excerpt off by heart for the performance, however it is very likely that those who are serious about trying to win the contest and the prize money will memorize their scripts and therefore raise the bar for everyone. 
  • The opening date for entries is Monday 13 January 2020.  The closing date is the end of the first day of the conference. 
  • The number of places in the competition will be limited to 45 due to the time constraints of working within the BRUMUN framework - it is a competition for the benefit of students most highly inspired to develop their public speaking skills during the conference.
  • Additionally, there are really great cash prizes for the winners - €100, €50 and €25 for first, second and third places respectively. 
  • One important rule is that no speech can be entered into the competition twice, so if you want one of the speeches from the sample speeches or some other famous speech which others are likely to choose, you need to book it as early as possible or otherwise you may find yourself looking for a new option.