BRUMUN organizes a host family program where it seeks to find a host family for every participant that wishes to stay in a family rather than to rely on commercial accommodation. Staying with a host family gives one a very special privilege to meet a local family from the hosting school, it also assumes the guest takes upon the responsibilities of a guest and host family those of the host.  We believe the stay in a family should be  most rewarding to the hosts as well as guests. 

The conference takes place Tue March 31 - Fri April 3rd, 2020.  The participants are of age 14-18. 

To Sign-up as host or guest

If you would like to apply as a guest or sign up as a potential host 

Please apply as soon as possible, latest by Feb 15th, 2020, to guarantee the best outcome.  We encourage you to familiarize with the content of this page upon signing up. 

The Process

We match the hosts to our guests on a ongoing bases first arrived first served. In practice we expect all guest found their host during the month of February. We try to propose a match within 2 weeks from your application (below), but sometimes it may take more time. Our  procedure is as follows:

  1. we first confirm our offer with the host family 
  2. upon the family's confirmation, we make an offer to the both parties with provided information 
  3. we expect a final confirmation from both sides before proceeding
  4. we keep all parties informed about the arrangements 
  5. we co-ordinate the pick up and drop offs of the guests at the arrival and departure 
  6. we provide a 24/7 contact point 


  • What do I commit to when I sign up? 
    You commit to nothing, but let us know if your plans change.  You will have a second opportunity to accept or decline an offer, but for a  guest we may not be able to make a several offers. 
  • Can I  cancel as a host,  should I cancel if I fall sick?
    Both sides have made a commitment, so we ask you to have high bar on cancellation, but if that happens it is important you inform us immediately, already when this seems likely. We will try to find an alternative host/guest upon the case. If you are sick in a manner that risks the health of you host/guest, please do cancel! 
  • Can I cancel as a guest?
    Host family has likely made extensive arrangements and a time commitment for you, so that would be rude without a very good reason.
  • Can/should I contact the other family?
    Yes we will put you in contact the two families and encourage you to do so. However, for clarity, we expect you to inform us on any arrangement you have made with regard to arrivals and departures so we can be assured all is fine. 
  • What is expected from the host family during the stay (meeting/food/times/) the parents / the children?
    You are expected to take the responsibility of your guest, providing the normal meal in accordance to the program (supper and breakfast) and seeing to the transport from your home to the venue. We will try arrange easy alternatives, there will be collection points, but it is the hosts final responsibility towards the guests family to see all this works out fine; the venues.
  • What emergency arrangements are there?
    There will be a contact person  available  24/7 over the telephone for any questions or emergency you may have during the stay. 
  • How do you handle my data?
    We will share the contact information   of the guest, the guest's family and the hosts to all the named parties as well as the organizers.  We will also share any health and safety related information among the parties named above. We will delete all the data within a month from the conference, only if you specifically allow, we will keep your contact information for next year. 
  • How about allergies; food, animals or other restrictions or special needs? 
    We ask you to  inform us of any special requirements already on the application or at the latest by first contact. The host family expects you to share their meals and may have e.g. animals in house. If you would need e.g. access by wheelchair, please do let us know in time. 
  • What is my responsibility as a host?
    We expect you to take care of your guest in accordance to his/her age and in particularly agree upon time schedules and meetings point and to inform the organizers  immediately if something does not go along the way you expect and have agreed upon.  
  • What is my responsibility as a guest? 
    As a guest you surely are a pleasure to host. In particular, you respect hosts by strictly respecting the times and other commitment made with the your hosts and if impossible immediately inform them of any possibly deviations in a timely manner. 
  • Are the host welcome to the events / an event?
    Regrettably the intensity of the program does not allow us to organize any shared events that would include the host family members. 

Don't hesitate to contact us for any further questions.